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252 Coogee Bay Road, Coogee - Map
Sunday 26 February 2012

3.88 'You've (almost) got it all, Black Pony'

Hello Black Pony. I really fancy you. I fancy everything about you. From your Allpress beans and mouth-watering menu to your industrial decor and friendly wait staff. I had heard rumours about your buttermilk pancakes with ricotta, caramelised banana, blueberries and maple walnut praline. Despite my usual commitment to eggs on toast, I just had to try them. Wow. Blew my mind. And a mere $15 for such creativity and flair on one plate? I think they were the best pancakes I have ever had. Damien had your french toast with maple syrup and bacon, also heart-stoppingly good. I loved all your menu items, as each had their own Black Pony touch, eg. salmon benedict with watercress, eggs florentine on brioche. I was suitably impressed. And your wait staff were just lovely - the younger guy with the long hair even chased me down the street to return my abandoned sunnies.What a sweet-heart. The only two things I could point fault at were your knives and, the state of your toilets. It was a little bit icky back there. Otherwise, an all in all delightful experience.

Coffee: 4 Allpress. Yum.
Eggs: ? We didn't have eggs today, but I'll be back to try them, that's for sure. 
Toast: ? Again, can't comment. But you offer sonoma breads and gluten free options. 
Knife: 3.5 It wasn't sharp, but then I was eating melt-in-your-mouth pancakes. Maybe if I had eggs and toast you might've had one for me? 
Ambience: 4 You were cool. Busy. Dark, low hanging lights, wooden industrial furnishings, nice waiters. 
Price: 4 $9.50 for eggs on sonoma sourdough, not bad. And all other items were reasonably priced given the gourmet presentation of food and the unique flavours. 

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