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Saturday 3 March 2012

3.25 'Timeout loves you'

Hello Four Ate Five. You are still the only cafe to have received 5 stars from Timeout. They just love you. Today was my second encounter with you. And I'm gutted to argue that you don't deserve Timeout's five star honour. Don't get me wrong, you're a bangin' cafe - you're always busy; your service is impeccable; your menu's top class; you've got your own coffee blend; and you're super chilled - but I wouldn't say you're any better than the Baffi & Mo's or BangBangs of Sydney. Plus, you made a couple of slips today - the coffees took over half an hour to emerge, your poached eggs were a little overcooked and (this may be my inner old lady talking, but) I found you to be quite noisy inside. I'm being critical. I know. But you've got to work for those 5 stars Four Ate Five. 

Coffee: 4 Delicious. 
Eggs: 2 Andy and Damien's were well overcooked. Not cool. 
Toast: 4 Fresh, crunchy - a real challenge for that so called knife you gave me.
Knife: 2 Like I said, the toast won this battle.  
Ambience: 4 Buzzing spot, but a little on the noisy side.  
Price: 3.5 $9.50 for eggs on any toast. 

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