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Sunday 26 February 2012

2.0 'Zen and healthy, but pricey'

Hello Oneness. We had wanted to go to Black Pony, but it was full. So we gave you a shot - and I'm sad to say that you failed us. You looked pretty cool from the outside - full of people, with fresh seaside decor and a zen vibe. You also had some very healthy menu options as well as lots of gluten free substitutes. However, you served up overcooked / uninspired eggs and were extremely expensive for what you delivered. You must be doing something right though Oneness - you're popular with lots of people, just not us. 

Coffee: 2.5 The coffee wasn't bad.
Eggs: 1 Oh, the eggs weren't great. I had the egg white omelette which was healthy, but pretty tasteless. And the boys' poached eggs were well overcooked. 
Toast: 2.5 The toast options were actually quite appealing - quinoa and soya was a winner for me - but the boys' sourdough was wet and soggy. 
Knife: 1.5 Nope. 
Ambience: 3.5 You've got a nice set up, it's like a yoga class met a seaside cafe. And you were surprisingly busy. 
Price: 1 $11 for eggs on toast, that's pretty steep. And your big brekkie was $22, whoa. 

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