Le Petit ♥♥♥

63A Dudley Street, Coogee - Map
Sunday 4 March 2012

3.2 'Crepes and Toast'

Bonjour Le Petit. You're a sweet little cafe in Coogee. Normally you're packed and one must sit on a curb-side bench like a loner at a school dance, before being offered a place at your recycled timber stools and tables. Today I thankfully did not have to re-live that school dance trauma - you were empty and we got a prime position at your window bench seats. Your menu is simplistic - toasts or crepes - all prepared in your underground kitchen, accessed via a ladder like staircase at the back of your teeny tiny space. I had your mushroom and spinach crepe, and Damien, your Breakfast crepe. Fresh, simple, classic. With your French music and very friendly staff, you're a tres bien spot for a light brekkie. You did make a pretty huge faux pas today though. You forgot our coffee order. Oh dear. It was only after we finished our meals that we brought it to your attention. Kindly, you apologised and arranged for two large coffees to go, free of charge. Well played Le Petit. Well played.

Coffee: 3.5 Great brew. 
Eggs: 4 We had eggs atop our crepes - gooey stuff. Nice. 
Toast: ? None today, but I suspect your toast would be quite a treat.
Knife: 2 Not great. 
Ambience: 3.5 Not as good as usual today. I wonder where all your regular patrons are? Maybe at Black Pony. Ha.
Price: 3 Not bad, but the portions are a little on the small side. 


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