The Shop ♥♥♥♥

78 Curlewis Street, Bondi - Map
Saturday 28 April 2012

3.92 'A little shop with a big fan (me)'

Morning Shop. You are one of my favourite Bondi brekkie haunts. You're just so cute. So tiny and yet so self sustaining. The image below is quite literally the entirety of your kitchen facilities and somehow, you manage to deliver some of the most gourmet meals from here. You take real pride in your food presentation too. Today, I had your avo tomato and basil on toast, with an egg. But sometimes I'll simply get your toast or that banana bread combo. Your meals aren't huge, but they're suitably filling. You attract some of Bondi's finest folk, not only with your deliciously simple food, but with your friendly charm too. You rock my world, little Shop. 

Coffee: 4 Tasty.
Eggs: 4 Perfectly poached today. 
Toast: 4.5 You have all the toasts.  
Knife: 2.5 Nothing exciting to write home about, unfortunately.
Ambience: 4.5 You probably couldn't fit more than 12 people inside and 10 people outside, but that's what makes you so special Shop. You're cosy; friendly; tasty and quirky. 
Price: 4 Nothing over $13.50 for brekkie. Winning.

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