Bird & Bear Boathouse (Elizabeth Bay) ♥♥♥

Ithaca Road, Elizabeth Bay
Sunday 30 September 2012

3.10 'Sunny Sundays, here I come'

Hello Bird and Bear. You're the perfect spot for a sunny spring morning. For sitting on the deck, by the harbour; for nibbling on toast and sipping on cappuccinos. Probably not so perfect for a rainy day given you don't actually have a roof. But for a day like this, you're the business. Your menu’s quite sleek. I had the avo toast with tomato, chilli and truffle oil. Gosh. Your quesadilla also looked tasty. Sadly your service wasn't as impressive - a bit slow and a bit cranky. And your knife didn't really cut it either. But heck, who can be sad in a set up like this? I also enjoyed my post-brekkie wander through the Cross markets, they have some very pretty flowers.

Coffee: 3.5
Eggs: ?  Didn't have eggs today. But I'd give the quesadilla a go next time. 
Toast: 3.5  It was cold when I got it. But the avocado, chilli, truffle concept was killer.
Knife: 2 Nothing to write home about.
Ambience: 4.5 4.5 in the sun. Probably a 0.5 in the rain. You're a superb location by the water, with an order and pay system at the small kiosk out front and a big deck for sitting by the water behind.
Price: 2 Not bad for price. But given your meals are small and simple, I wouldn't say it's great.

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